Alternate Reality – Episode 366

Alternate Reality – Episode #366

He’s here and he gone, he’s here and he’s gone. Every week on Alternate Reality it’s just a gamble, a role of the dice if you will, as to whether Chris Partin will be able to join us. Unfortunately he was not able to join us this week. So Jon and Charlie had to forge on alone, but it was okay because they had some great issues to talk about. This week saw a whole slew on new #1’s being released. Jon and Charlie talk about these new issues, most of which they really liked. Rounding out the review was a few old time favorites that made the cut. All in a great show.


00:00:00 – Cold Open

Comic Reviews

00:02:14 – Earth 2 Annual #1
00:08:53 – Adventures of Superman #1
00:18:25 – X-Men #1
00:24:09 – The Wake #1
00:37:05 – Fury Max #12
00:41:41 – Justice League of America #4

00:55:24 – Close Out

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