Sequential Underground #68

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Sequential Underground
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Comic book self-publishers Shawn Atkins and Nick Marino discuss the way that comics can change in appearance as digital colors migrate from the computer screen to the printed page.

Time Log coverShawn and Nick collaborated on the Time Log webcomic, which needed some serious color adjustments the first time it was printed!

Shawn is often satisfied with the way that his digital colors look in his self-published comics. But Nick feels like his colors never print the way that he wants, and he struggles to find the perfect way to make color corrections.

Time Log interior pagesOn the left are Time Log’s digital colors as they appear on the computer screen. On the top right you can see the uncorrected digital colors in print. On the bottom right are the colors adjusted for print.

With experience working in a copy center, Shawn shares some tips about how to get the best results from a local printer. And Nick shares about his experience using online services like Best Value Copy, which can save you a lot of money if you’re willing to assemble your comics by hand.

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