Real Books Don’t Have Batman 5/22/13

Chris Burnham, this is not Ame-Comi. Anime Batman = DO NOT WANT. We take our masculine men in tights very seriously around here.

This episode is dedicated to Geoff Johns, who breathed new life into a character we thought was long gone. We, Hal Jordan, and the entire Corp thank you.

This week we review:
The Green Team #1 (1:35)
Batman Incorporated #11 (3:10)
Talon #8 (6:00)
The Flash #20 (8:15)
Aquaman #20 (10:18)
The Superior Spider-Man #10 (14:06)
Deadpool #10 (16:32)
Justice League #20 (18:10)
Justice League Dark #20 (21:36)
Green Lantern #20 (Geoff Johns final issue.) (24:08)


1 thought on “Real Books Don’t Have Batman 5/22/13

  1. you guys should really read the ostrander suicide squad run…and not knowing anything about despero!? you sound like total noobs.

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