Alternate Reality – Episode 361


Alternate Reality – Episode #361

It seems that once again Chris Partin has abandoned the Alternate Reality crew.  He’s highly unreliable that way.  Apparently Chris’s real world problems have caught up with him and he’s got to go rescue his family from a flood or something or other.  So Jon and Charlie, never ones to let the grass grow under their feet, comb through the co-host application stack that they’ve secretly been compiling without Partin’s knowledge for just such an occasion.  What do they find?  Why it’s Darren Steeves from the Definitive Geek podcast.  Darren is a longtime friend of the show and he was more than happy to fill in for the absent Chris Partin.  Problem:  Darren hasn’t read any comics in 6 months!!! OH-NO! What’s Jon and Charlie to do??? Will this be the reunification of Darren and comics?  Will the new dynamic work?  Will the guys be forced to beg Partin back?  Will this be a really boring episode?  Stay tuned to find out.


00:00:00 – Cold Open

Comic Reviews

00:07:11 – Batman #20
00:23:23 – X #1
00:26:40 – Thor: God of Thunder #8
00:37:27 – Batman & The Red Hood #20
00:50:43 – Star Wars #5
01:08:51 – Avengers Arena #9
01:14:23 – Avengers #11
01:25:11 – Justice League of America #3

01:38:19 – Extended Comics Talk (31mins 7secs)

02:09:26 – Close Out

Intro/Exit Music: Kelly Loveless

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