Sequential Underground #66

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Sequential Underground
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Scott Hedlund joins Nick Marino to talk about comic book conventions, self-published comics, and prints. Spinning out of Comic Book Pitt #126, Scott and Nick discuss the struggle of selling indie comics at comicons.

Even though they began as comic book events, most large conventions are now expensive pop culture showcases for movies, TV, and established properties. While self-published comics featuring original characters tend to be overlooked, questionably legal prints of licensed characters sell like crazy.

On the flip side, there are lots of local expos and fairs that favor crafts, zines, and artistic aesthetic over narrative comics. Which leaves us wondering… where do comic book storytellers fit in nowadays?

ALSO: Shoutout to Rob Harrington of Ginger Rabbit Studio for sharing his thoughts about prints and comics with Nick at last weekend’s Long Beach Comic Expo.

PLUS: Why has Tom Scioli quit comics? And is he really done for good?

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