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Sequential Underground
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Nick Marino sayz: I’ve been sitting on this recording for about six months, patiently waiting for just the right time for a fill-in podcast.

I was in Pittsburgh last week emptying out my storage space and I had to take the week off from podcasting. That meant messing up my schedule for future weeks, including a tentatively planned interview with a fantastic comic book creator that was supposed to air today.

Also, faithful Sequential Underground host Shawn Atkins just welcomed his first child into the world last weekend! So with Shawn tied up and me wildly off schedule, I figure that now’s as good a time as any for a fill-in episode!

Last year, cartoonist Nate McDonough and I lectured to a class of undergrad students at the University of Pittsburgh. We spoke about the history of comics, our own work, and we answered questions about creating comics.

We kick off the talk with a brief historical review of how the format of comics has changed over the past century. I follow that up with a description of my own webcomics and self-published print comics.

After that, Nate presents a slideshow of his work. Sorry, slideshow not included! Even without visual aids, it’s an entertaining journey through Nate’s brain which reveals his conceptual process and inspirations.

Finally, we answer questions from the students about creating and promoting comics. All in all, we had a blast speaking to this class. In fact, Nate’s already been back to talk to them again!

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