The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #133-“Totally Disco-Batman”


In Episode #133 We start watching Karate Robot Zaborgar. Monster robot samurais¬† with pig snouts sucking out life forces. Yeah. We mention Starcraft 2 which i havent gotten yet. Talk cancellations in books and movies; debate the effectiveness of Imperial Stormtroopers and Ninjas. We’ve boiled our DCs to Batman and 3 others; starting with batman 16; the batbooks are a convoluted mess right now with DOTF; there’s definitely event fatigue for us over at DC. We talk Detective with the evil dentist, evil lunch lady, evil sad balloon creep, and the misunderstood firestarter; talk henchman uniforms and clothing requirements. I still hate batman inc. It’s ludicrous that bats has enough blood to immunize a city. Dark Knight makes us relatively happy. We love the new LOTDK. We end with GL, JL, and Amethyst. And So. Much. More. Come check us out on Facebook, twitter @themeanergeek, leave us voicemail at 203 533 4910 and mail us at, and occasionally see what we have to say textually at

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