The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #131-“I’m Off To Sweet Borneo with Monkey Butlers and Native Girls”


We start talking previous Avengers end times type stuff, where they recover Wasp and fight the Centaur guy despot fella thing, where Bendis brings back everything he took away, including, well. uh. Simon Williams. Anyway, we launch into the next End Times with the vengeance of Bother Voodoo’s lame brother. Then we go over some G Gordon Godfrey type stuff in Uncanny Avengers. We wonder about the concept of Chaos Magic and the unpleasantness of Xavier laid over Red Skull; look at Hickman’s obsession with wasting white space in books I’m paying for; we get stuck looking at 4 issues of the staggeringly awesome new xmen book i have to pay for. Rev courts death by mentioning Bird Brain. We question where the mutant tensions can really go. We then talk 1900 issues of Spider-Man in the savage land, devil dinosaur, terrible vampires, and Doc Ock has his final end game play while competing hobgoblins tool around. And So. Much. More.

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