Sidekickcast Episode #79 – Viva La Bumchin


Mikey Bumchin bangs in a hat trick on his 3rd Sidekickcast takeover.
There’s a bumper edition of the news this episode including Mikey’s own comic book story “Simple rules of time travel”, the future of the Ghost Rider movie franchise, Nightcrawler in Days of Future Past, Future DLC for Injustice, Supergirl redesign and many more tid-buts!

In Stack Attack we devour and disseminate Age of Ultron 1 and Dan shows Bones how to use Marvel AR, Daredevil 23, new indie book Moon 1 & 2, All New X-Men 8 and Justice League of America 1.

Taking his takeover duties seriously, Mikey tries to dust the boys fan-fave Secrets & Lies, but Bones’ knowledge of Beauty and the Beast songs may have him pulling further ahead!

Bumchin makes us check Kick-Ass’ new trailer and finally the boys round of the show with a hearty debate about the future of the Kid Wonder; Robin.

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