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Sequential Underground
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How do you continue creating comics when you have a day job? It’s not impossible. In fact, almost every self-publisher struggles with the balance between what they have to do — hold down a job — and what they want to do — make comics.

Brandon Williams made Dedford Tales a webcomic because of his day job. At work, he was exposed to webcomics more than ever before (Shadoweyes was his gateway comic). With the money he earned, he bought a domain and some web space.

Shawn Atkins has recently picked up a 9-to-5 job to cover the bills and get benefits for his family. After years of living the dream and being a full-time artist, he’s struggling to adapt to his new lifestyle.

As a response to all of the time Shawn has to spend on the bus or in the car going to-and-from work, he’s started sketching sci-fi pinups.

Brandon’s currently hunting for a new day job even though all he wants to do is make comics. And Shawn is trying to keep up with all of his webcomics and art obligations while juggling a new job and a baby on the way.

Will Brandon be able to land a dream job that generates income while giving him the freedom to create? Can Shawn find just the right balance between being a cubicle monkey and a comics creator? Nick Marino asks the tough questions and explores the day job conundrum on this episode of Sequential Underground.

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