A Podcast with Ross and Nick #152

A Podcast with Ross and Nick

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THIS IS IT! The end of the Epic X-Men TV Review Endurance Marathon Extravaganza! We’ve watched X-Men: The Animated Series #7576 (s5 e12 & e14 on Netflix)… the final two episodes of this terrible fan favorite TV show.

Before the tears begin flowing, Kelly Thompson, Ross Campbell, and Nick Marino converse about scary Easter bunnies, Nick’s sobering reality check at WonderCon, and comic book posters we had as kids.

Then it’s time to scratch the EXTREME itch! You know it’s a special occasion because even Kelly made screencaps. We discuss them in this order: Kelly’s first set, Ross’s first set, Ross’s second set, Kelly’s second set, and Nick’s set.

Nick also recorded a cover of the X-Men theme song:

While X-Men discussion dominates most of this podcast, we also talk about mangoes, oranges, kumquats, and Kelly’s custom bookcase.

Next: A new era begins with Gordon Shumway! It’s ALF s1 e1 and ALF s1 e2.

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