Where Monsters Dwell 239 with guest James O’Barr

WMD 239

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This week on the edgiest LIVE comics radio show around, we welcome James O’Barr to the Monster Cave. We will be chatting with James all about The Crow, of course including his work on the original comics and we’ll chat about the property’s life on the movie screen as well. What else does he have on the go these days? Tune in and find out! As always, if you have a question for James, feel free to post it on our Facebook wall or give us a call at 506-453-4949.

We will also be reviewing a comic from last week’s crop, which we picked up at Strange Adventures, in our ‘Shit Comic Reviewers Say’ segment.

5 thoughts on “Where Monsters Dwell 239 with guest James O’Barr

  1. I like to download directly from the Comic Podcast network, but you changed your server, or your host provider changed something, so now I can’t download your shows without signing up for a ‘Libson’ account.. Please fix this, as I love the shows, but don’t want to have to sign up/sign in to another service. Please provide a direct link to the MP3’s in your posts if possible. Thanks, M.

  2. Sorry, looks like I just couldn’t figure it out when it didnt have the ‘.mp3’ where I was expecting. Best, M.

  3. Yeah, it was only last weeks ‘Listen to Jimmy’ that tried to force me to sign up with Libson. Still is trying to enforce that with the link posted. Tell them to knock that shit off. Thanks, M.

  4. Great show and questions for Mr. O’Barr. Looking forward to the Waid interview. Best, M.

  5. Thanks for listening Dreadnaut! Sorry for the confusion with our file links. We never had a problem posting from tindeck before but as long as you have been able to figure it out, that’s what matters. Keep me posted if you have any other problems. Best!

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