The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #130-“Hulk Came Back and Thumped Him Into Tony Pancakes”

We seemed to have skipped a movie this time, and note Monica Rambeau’s new personality in Captain Marvel 7 and 8, which we found Whedonesque; we mildly mourn the Cap AND series, which is now gone, having us wishing for more team books. We resound a shattering WOW on Indestructible Hulk and Banner’s attitude. During this we speculate on comic writing ideals; move to Avengers Arena 1; we largely like it but wonder at it’s legs; talk about Remender’s Cap with yet another crappy Marvel father; admire the complexity of the new Aaron Thor; we close out with Journey Into Mystery which departs from the convoluted mystery to Sif being crazed.

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