Sequential Underground #63

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Sequential Underground
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Terry Nantier — founder of NBM Publishing — talks to Nick Marino about Dara Naraghi and Brent Bowman‘s new graphic novel, Persia Blues.

From the NBM press release announcing Persia Blues #1 on comiXology:

The first volume in a three volume series coming from NBM, Persia Blues was both the first title from the publisher that utilized a Kickstarter campaign and the first time they’ve serialized a pending title digitally before it reaches print. The e-comic books will be taken down upon publication of the book when a simultaneous e-book version of the GN will appear.

Nick picks Terry’s brain about the unique digital/print release of Persia Blues, the experience of utilizing a Kickstarter campaign as a publishing company, converting comics for different digital platforms, and more.

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