Mayo Report: 2013-02 Comics

John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss the sales estimates for the top 300 comic books for February 2013.

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2 thoughts on “Mayo Report: 2013-02 Comics

  1. I’m listening to the podcast and I don’t read six new issues a month!!! This time last year, I was probably reading one or two new comics a week. But I moved across the country in November 2012. I decided to take the opportunity to adjust to being a predominantly digital comics consumer.

    But I guess you could say I’m still adjusting. Of the four or five series that were on my pull list at my old comic shop, I’m only still buying Hypernaturals on a regular basis (from comiXology, not a store). Still, even back around the time I moved, I don’t think I was buying a half-dozen new single issues in a month. I’m not a fan of the $3.99 price point and for the most part I’ve avoided it unless I find the book really compelling (Hypernaturals, Glory, a few other books here and there).

    With that said, I’m a cartoonist and I like to stay up on what people are purchasing in stores even if I’m not hitting up the comic shop every week, so that’s one reason I listen to this and the weekly review show. I also find the direct market to be a fascinating (and infuriating!) business, so that keeps me listening too.

    I love the comics medium and I love the superhero genre… but I’m a bit annoyed with the industry and I’m growing bored of the single issue format. So I still enjoy listening to the particulars even though I’m not an active consumer right now.

    I also have a subscription to Marvel Unlimited (ya know, formerly Marvel’s online service). It’s the second time I’ve subscribed in the past four years. I have a love/hate relationship with it. But a few days a month, I’ll read some comics on there. They could be old, new-ish, or somewhere in between. I say new-ish because the books tend to take about eight months to a year to get added.

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