Where Monsters Dwell 237 with Matt Fraction

WMD 237

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This week on the only LIVE comics radio show that always hits the bulls-eye of awesome, we welcome Matt Fraction to the Monster Cave. You’ve read Matt’s work on such comics as The Immortal Iron Fist, Uncanny X-Men and Casanova. He is currently the writer of Fantastic Four and FF as well as the best comic Marvel is producing currently; Hawkguy…I mean Hawkeye. He joins us to chat about everything he has going on right now so please, if you have a question for Matt, feel free to post it on our Facebook wall or give us a call at 506-452-6056.

We will also be reviewing a random comic from last week, which we picked up at Strange Adventures, in our ‘Shit Comic Reviewers Say’ segment.

Music this week will be:
Re-Agent by Fredericton’s SpineSplitter
Blind By Midnight by Moncton’s Iron Giant
Lie to Live the Lie by Halifax’s Orchid’s Curse

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