The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode 128-“A Teacup, A Chainsaw, and a Smurf”

We start with some vampire talk, and debate whether ogres have crafty names. Then we talk about the scifi Outland riff Storm Dogs.this brings us to a long discussion of hard scifi and old authors and cliches. Move to SAGA and it’s non stop awesome. Moving to Revival we see some seriously complex stuff. We talk It Girl with LAL WAHWAH; then some AW YEAH BATTLEFIELDS, in which we lay down the Ennis Laws of Battle. Talk about RIPD City of the Damned. Cover the underlying themes of The Massive; Go back in time to BPRD 1948; look at the backstory of Hagis in Baltimore, The Play; Ghost plays out the mystery more, and Mara misses the hype. We see what To Hell You Ride has to offer; preview Avengers Arena, differ a bit on DeathMatch; play a pass on Blackacre;remember Robocop3 in Korean; mention masks, Hellboy in Hell, and so much more.

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