The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #127-“I Can’t Just Go Camping, I’m Tony Stark!”


We admonish against Roachmill; we berate each other on our views on enthusiam vs excitement; otherwise brook no delay in jumping into this ep’s Marvels, starting with the insane complexity of Winter Soldier;Talk about multiple Venemma’s as Cap gets attacked by the Martians from Wells. We pull out a Wizards reference; more Cap as they wrap up the Bravo storyline with Madbombs; finish up 21 and 22 of Mighty Thor with Surtur and Loki and twists and turns; look at the final JIM issues with a tear; look over the last issues of Fractions Iron Man, with more tears; and THEN start the awesomeness that is so far Gillen’s Iron Man; We get some Hawkeye loving in with issues 2 and 3; blow through Avengers 31 really really quickly. 32 is the OF COURSE JAN’S BACK issue. Compare Squirrel Girl with LT Oreilly in Star Trek TOS; Mention the Summers Brothers;

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