Comic Cabal Cast Ep. 84: Adventures in Fattysitting

Blizzardcane Nemo 2013 (or whatever cable news networks are calling it) is upon us, but IC3 is more powerful than weather and can not be stopped by any bullshit force of nature like 3 feet of snow and ice!

But, since it actually DID try to stop us and made all roads impassable, we did a 3-way Skype call, which a lot less sexy than a 3-way sexing, and this time all tracks aline and make sense! Well, it makes as much sense as it can with Hubble making pizza with his mom in the background, or when he decided to go outside. In a blizzard. While recording a podcast.

Snapshot #1
All New X-Men #7
Red Team #1
Harbinger #0
Scarlet #6
Animal Man #17
Swamp Thing #17
Hit-Girl #5
Ultimate Spider-Man #20
Superior Spider-Man #3
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #18

Hosted by Jeff, Ian, and Hubble

I forgot to upload the last two episodes to the Comics Podcast Netowork, so you can go to for them (and the 81 other episodes) or click these links:

Episode 83: The Marinara Trench  //  Episode 82: The Sadcast

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