Comic Book Pitt #110 – The Deep Burn

The whole CBP crew is present this episode to discuss the 700th issue of Amazing Spider-Man, which also happens to end the series in a way that has everybody talking. Because of the holidays, not much else came out that week, but we still have plenty to talk about.

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2 thoughts on “Comic Book Pitt #110 – The Deep Burn

  1. I apparently picked a great episode to start listening to your podcast. After overcoming the shock of ASM#700 I wanted to get another perspective. I have to say, whomever came up with the “deep burn” idea, pure genius. (sorry, don’t remember who it was, I’ll learn names later) I have decided this is the way it has to go. Doc Ock will leave the body, after a good story arc of in-head fighting. Doc will create another “superior” Octoclone to inhabit. Then Peter and Doc will have a tremendously changed relationship since they will so intimately know each other. Perfect. If this doesn’t happen and Peter doesn’t come back, I’m going to just assume it did, stop reading new spidey and live in my own little world.

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