Secret Identity Podcast Issue #482–Cyber Force and Happy

Berger leaves DC (Vertigo)
Red Light Properties to Monkeybrain
Harry Osborn cast for ASM 2

Happy #1
Cyber Force #1

Holiday Gift Suggestions–Games and DVDs
PS Vita
Three Stooges
The Muppets
XBox 360 Kinect
Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Summer Watching Project: Brisco County, Jr.
Ned Zed

Creator Spotlight: Matt McElroy
Brian spoke with the Director of Marketing for, and at NYCC 2012. You can now get Matt’s Pow-Bam-Sell on Drive Thru Comics, and Brian’s Courting the King in Yellow on Drive Thru Fiction. For more info, see the “Buy our Books” page on the SI website.

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