Wayne’s Comics #74 With Ian Brill From Freelancers

Ian Brill, BOOM! Studios, Freelancers, Disney, comics, Darkwing Duck, Gianluca Glazer, Dracula,

The Wayne’s Comics podcast is back, and now at wordofthenerdonline.com!

The 74th episode has a special interview with Ian Brill, comics crafter behind such great books as the new Freelancers from BOOM! Studios and Darkwing Duck, formerly from that great company. He’s also got a terrific Dracula comic he’s creating, so you’ll want to hear all about it during this interview!

Then Gianluca Glazer joins me to catch up what’s happened in the industry while we’ve been away and talks about next week’s comics in the latest News & Previews!

Be sure to listen next week to the 75th episode and a special groundbreaking interview for the Wayne’s Comics podcast! Don’t miss it!


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