The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #119-“Stop Having Pizza with Your Dead Family”

Episode #119

We watch “Deadheads”, which is pretty, you know…dead. Complain about the lack of crucial Superman villains, read some Marvel Graphic Novels from Marvel; mention Silvestri’s evolution and CONTINUITY COMICS; hit up Batman and robin 12, and worry about bat-armor; question the radii of various villain densities and wonder at the wisdom of defeated 4th stringers. We look at what is our last All-Star Western”. I let loose on Detective 12; talk Scarecrow’s origin in Dark Knight; compare BTAS with Batman 12; which we felt was a nice one-shot for once. Finish up the arc in Wonder Woman; note that hal and sinestro are the best AND worst partners ever. AND question the sanity of the Guardians; The Third Army, cause the third time’s a charm. Conclude the story in JLA 12;  we run off to the phantom lady and doll man. Move to Detective annual 1; with black mask related insanity as tetch and he battle for the psychological control of Gotham. wrap it up with GL annual 1 which is insanity.

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