The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting in the Edge of Civility-Episode #118 “Burgess Meredith Says It’s Mediocre!”



We talk alot about nothing. a little prep for NYCC, and a few books-no movie. We look at PREPARE TO DIE by Paul Tobin, which turned out great. Talk about the Original graphic novels such as Death of Captain Marvel and Excalibur’s WEIRD WAR THREE; The books cover the last issues of POWERS before BUREAU; of course we love that. I introduce the rev to ULTRA MAN; talk IT Girl and the Atomics; look at The Massive for a while where we admire the world-building but aren’t sure about the characters. Then we check out the awesomeness that is SAGA. The eerie, crazy amazingness that is REVIVAL is a new love of ours. Review the trippiness that is NEW DEADWARDIANS; Life is good to us with Lobster Johnson. We go with the finale of I zombie, and finish up with Chaykin’s black kiss 2.

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