Sequential Underground #52

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Sequential Underground
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Two AudioShocker regulars step into the Sequential Underground! Ross Campbell and Kaylie McDougal join Shawn Atkins and Nick Marino to discuss making comics for print versus making comics for the web and digital devices.

Wet Moon 6 launched as a webcomic before the graphic novel was in stores.

After an improvised list titled 52 Things Nick Marino Loves About Digital Comics, we dig into the indie comics conversation!! Ross has always designed his comics to be printed first, but he recently took the digital first plunge with Wet Moon 6. And while Kaylie is planning to print Dinogeddon when the time is right, she’s always focused on debuting her comics digitally.

Dinogeddon is formatted for print despite running as a webcomic first.

Shawn began his prolific comics output with only print in mind, but eventually shifted to digital first after years of reposting his print comics online as webcomics. And Nick prefers to format his comics for the digital reading experience, hoping to one day only have to worry about selling digital products instead of trying to cram his webcomics into frustrating print formats.

We also explore other related comics topics like audience, criticism, and motivation in this x-tra long episode! Enjoy 😀

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