Episode 64: Completely Making Money With Comics!

Welcome to Completely Comics!

1) Weekly Update

Troy: Recording from on Vacation at Marriott Surfwatch, Hilton Head Island, SC.

Will: Out of Hospital. Prepping for next weeks show!

2) How Troy shares the unconventional way he is making money with comics.

Tips from Troy:

a) Try buying in bulk from Ebay Auctions. My favorite search terms on Ebay are: Comic Inventory, Comic Store, Comic Lot (with comic lot I set the price filter above $500 to rule out the lots of 10-100 comics), Comic liquidation.

b) Look to selling your comics at: www.mycomicshop.com, specifically this page: http://www.mycomicshop.com/webuycomics/record

Search for Comics Want List to find other websites to sell individual comics on.

c) I use an indoor flea market called Peddler’s Mall to sell the comics I can’t seem to sell online. Here is their facebook page. I love both selling my comics and interacting with the comic fans that buy from me.

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