Publisher Spotlight #012: Creative Impulse Entertainment

Bob talks to some of the folks that are bringing us the continuing adventures of Justice For Hire; Jan Lucanus, Professor John Machado & Patrick Brennan:

Jan Lucanus: Founder of Creative Impulse Entertainment and co-creator of “JFH”. Jan is the lead writer on “JFH”, has directed and played the character Ebony in the award-winning live action “JFH” videos, and will be returning on the JFH feature as Ebony and as co-director.
Jan holds several national and international titles in the martial sport of Push Hands (Tai Chi meets Greco-Roman Wrestling meets Sumo/Judo), and is the current silver medalist at the Tai Chi World Cup.

Professor John Machado: The Professor’s influence on martial arts, way beyond his family’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), is felt the world over. He’s been a major part of the development of the sports of BJJ and mixed martial arts and taught Chuck Norris BJJ. He has done several films, including co-starring in and doing action choreography for David Mamet’s “Redbelt”. He will be playing one of the lead characters in the “JFH” feature, as well as serving as an action choreographer on the production.

Patrick Brennan: The creative executive that championed Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” through every stage of development, Paddy is also a martial artist and knows how to mold a story for the US market. He’s a pivotal component in how all of the “JFH” storylines are executed and is co-producing “JFH” via his company Nine Dot along with Creative Impulse Entertainment.

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