Alternate Reality – Episode 341

Alternate Reality – Episode #341

This is a rocking good episode.  We’re talking comics; Daredevil, Saga, Darkness, and even Star Trek/Dr. Who.  And Speaking of Star Trek/Dr. Who, we get a brief chance to talk about the book with the artist; J.K. Woodward.  JK visits with us for just a few moments to talk about the book and what a joy it’s been for him to work on it.  Chris Partin, star-struck by JK’s presence, stutters and stammers all the way through his review.  You don’t wanna miss this!!!!


00:00:00 – Cold Open

Comic Reviews
00:01:57 – Daredevil #15
00:05:00 – Star Trek/Dr. Who #3
00:22:11 – Saga #5
00:32:39 – X-Factor #240
00:35:10 – Darkness #105
00:43:15 – Avengers vs. X-Men #8
00:59:21 – Catwoman #11
01:01:08 – Danger Girl/GI Joe #1
01:04:33 – World’s Finest #1

01:10:36 – Close Out


Intro/Exit Music: Kelly Loveless

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