A Podcast with Ross and Nick #134

A Podcast with Ross and Nick

Listen to A Podcast with Ross and Nick #134 right now!

Ross Campbell and Nick Marino kick things off with some brief conversation about The Hollywood Complex. After that, Nick confesses his addiction to claw machines and Ross talks about buying clothes online.

Then it’s time for comics conversation!!! First up is New X-Men and Nick’s theory that Emma Frost is Grant Morrison’s secret cipher. Then Ross and Nick try to make sense out of Xorn actually being Magneto… which almost works except if Xorn is Magneto then how did he bring this bird back to life???

After some Iron Man and Sleepwalker conversation, things turn towards Ross’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan comic and April’s perm. And… why did Ross and Nick NOT go to see The Dark Knight Rises?

There’s also some movie conversation including Dragon Eyes, Judge Dredd, Chronicle, Avengers, Sleepaway Camp, James Hong, and the Then She Found Mecast. Plus, the same puppeteer who performs as Elmo was also Splinter!

Finally, after the end theme we announce the return of EXTREME (Epic X-Men TV Review Endurance Marathon Extravaganza)!!!

Next episode, we’re picking up right where we left off with X-Men: The Animated Series episodes #4243 (s3 e13-14 on Netflix), which is the end of the Dark Phoenix Saga.

**this is the 504th AudioShocker podcast**

3 thoughts on “A Podcast with Ross and Nick #134

  1. In the notes at the end one of the New X-Men TPBs, there’s some notes on an early version of “E for Extinction”, Morrison says that Xorn/Magneto makes it look like he made someone briefly come back from the dead by moving the corpse via the iron in it’s blood– The clues of who he is come later, around the half oh his run… The one I remember is the reaction of Angel Salvatore when he shows her his face. Magneto’s idea was to infiltrate the school was so he could convert some of the students to his cause (the kids you see siding with him in “Planet X”) and have his own school within Xavier’s… but it doesn’t completely work, mainly because he end up looking like a bully, and sort of losing his “martyr” image by revealing he wasn’t dead after all–

  2. 1. My feet sweat too much to wear socks more than one day. They would be crusty, stinky, and way too gross. Underwear (boxers) can go a few days.
    2. ‘New X-men’ I remember reading in Wizard magazine an interview with Morrison where he specifically said Magnito was dead, and would stay dead. To this day I wonder if it was a dodge to be able to break out the suprise later, or editorial wanted to bring him back as a mandate and Morrison had to shoe horn it in even if he didn’t want to.

    Great show. Keep it up.

  3. @Doc: Hmmmmm interesting. I guess that works, moving the iron in the bird’s blood to make it fly again. I just… I just wish there were more clues, more contextual hints. It’s not impossible to go back and reinterpret something to fit into the “Xorn is Magento” thing, but it’s awfully hard to see any foreshadowing during the stories.

    @dreadnaut: Sweaty socks are the worst!! To me, the funniest thing about Morrison even having Magneto alive at all in the beginning of New X-Men is that Lobdell just had Wolvie gut him in the previous story arc!!! So it’s like the guy dies twice within months of each other and then Grant brings him back two years later just to kill him again (after which it was, what?, retconned into being Xorn all along or something like that?).

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