The Hour Cosmic Episode 12: Buzz Cuts

Image by JoJo Seames, Logo by Tim Daniel

THE HOUR COSMIC! When podcasters walk the Earth!

Welcome back to THE HOUR COSMIC!, brought to you by the lovely folks at Multiversity Comicsand Tell Me Something. Hosted by Brian Salvatore, Chad Bowers and Matthew Meylikhov, The Hour Cosmic is here with the 12th installment.

This week, we have our monthly “Countdown” show, where we have 5 minutes to debate your questions (and try to get Chad to get buzzed).

You can contact the show by e-mailing us at or tweeting us with the hashtag #TheHourCosmic at either @brianneedsanap, @chadbowers or @mattisnotarobot. We look forward to hearing from you!

Also, please check out our bonus show, the Minute Cosmic, featuring skits and dramatic readings from comic books, the Minute Cosmic seeks to fill your ears with fantastic content for short periods of time periodically — just the way you like it!

Be sure to check us out/subscribe to us on iTunes, and also check out the official site over at You can also download the mp3 of the show for your personal mp3 player. Check below for a streamable copy of the episode that you can listen to here, and enjoy the show!

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