The MeanGeek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-“I’m Luke Cage and I’ll Solve Your Crime for $1.99”


The Rev and guest screw with the TechJedi about his Honky-Tonkman lookalikeness and waste a tremendous amount of time discussing wrestling. Then we go into blumkinning. We then go into the disappointment that was 68 Scars. Moving on to New Avengers, we get psyched over the Skaar fight; then launch into a Bart Barton rant; Daredevil shows up Danny Rand;Avengers vs X-Men gets some play. Then Avengers 24 continues that; An interlude with Vizh and Shulkie, eventually we give up and go to Avenging Spider Man; We see AIM and all other org crime fighting for data; debate cut-rate ninjas; we move to Spider-Man and the fantastic comic Slott makes, JIM is in this episode; reminisce a bit about the New Universe; we talk Iron Man; Captain America; and so much more.

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