The Fanboy Tollbooth – Episode 21 – Geek Card Revocations and the Future of Art

After some time away, the boys got together and discussed the future of comics art (Cintiq’s vs. Paper and Ink) and a little movie called The Avengers.

Listen and find out why one of the guys in the booth gets their geek card revoked.  Hear our favorite Avenger’s Scenes.  And find out what characters each of them think deserves their own feature length film.  (Some of our choices may surprise you….)

Just a warning – this episode is Heavy Laden with Spoilers.  If you have yet to see The Avengers (and if you haven’t, why not? And also why would you be listening to this show?) don’t listen until after.  A movie is best experienced with virgin eyes, so don’t ruin it for yourself.  It’s worth the wait.This podcast is also dedicated to the memory of Adam “MCA” Yauch of the Beastie Boys.

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