Completely John Tyler Christopher

Welcome to Completely Comics Episode 53: Completely John Tyler Christopher

Annihilators: Earthfall #1 by John Tyler Christopher

Listen while we talk with talent cover artist John Tyler Christopher.  Recorded at Conglomeration 2012 in Louisville, Kentucky. There is a buzz that is heard through the recording. We choose to believe it is simply the electricity in the room!

Show Notes:
1) Quick Into by Will.. without Troy…  awkward!

2) John Tyler Christopher interview.

1:49    John works for Marvel and Top Cow (Currently on Witchblade!)

2:15    A quick review of the Art in Witchblade.

2:40    Review of work on New Mutants, Thunderbolts, which is changing into Dark Avengers.

2:55    The Love Fest begins, John shares his love of Luke Cage.

3:15     John shares his love to the Marvel Character Troll.

3:53    John shares his love for ‘B’ Characters.

5:45    John shares his love for Rembrandt (the artist, not Rembrandt toothpaste) John realizes this is going to be ‘One of those interviews’.

7:13    John drops he is ‘Doing something on spider-man’ that he cannot discuss…

7:39    John shares a time when he was discussing the mechanics of Spider-man as part of his work – Awesome!.

8:22    John discusses how parenting has affected his art.

9:05    John shares how Comics are full of role models for our daughters.

9:54    “Nothing makes me happier than when a dad or mom has their daughter at a comic show.”

10:30    John shares who he thinks are role models for girls in Comics.

13:22    John shares a topic that begins with the phrase, “As a businessman…”

14:10     John begins his discussions of specific Covers he has created. He begins with Annaliators Earthfall #1.

15:43    John discusses the Hidden codes he has inserted on Witchblade covers. NOTE: we have edited out the specific code upon his request.

20:10    John shares his vision for the future of Digital Comics.

24:50    John shares the Dave Matthews Story.

26:00    John shares you can contact him on deviantart page or google him or follow him on Twitter.

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