SFP-NOW – Episode 46 – Reviewing Dresden Files: Ghost Story

No interview in this week’s show. So instead Wayne and I decided to give our thoughts on Jim Butchers Dresden Files: Ghost Story, which came out in late summer of last year and is likely to be in Paperback pretty soon if it isn’t already.

For the TV Segment we discuss our thoughts on the new Kiefer Sutherland series Touch, which has recently just hit in the UK.

For this week in Comics I discuss my excitement about issue 7 of Detective comics while Wayne waxes Lyrical about Atomic Robo and Gianluca eunthuses about his reading experience of Peanuts from Boom Studios.

As ever its a jam packed show this week and we hope to continue to bring more great content in the coming weeks.

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Keep any out for next weeks show in which we’ll be featuring an interview with Leverage Executive producer John Rogers who throws us some subtle teases for season five of the hit TNT series, which is currently airing its third season on FX Channel in the UK.

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