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Sequential Underground
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Indie cartoonist (and soon-to-be CCS student!) Juan José Fernández returns to Sequential Underground to talk about The Toonseum MiniCon, a Pittsburgh small press and indie comics event that’s a part of the GA/GI Festival.

Juan explains the MiniCon to fellow Pittsburgh comics creators Shawn Atkins, Dan Greenwald, and Nick Marino, discussing the show’s inception and outlining his vision for the spontaneous event.

Here are the details:

The Toonseum MiniCon will take place from 6-9 PM on Thu-Fri April 5-6 2012 at the BGC Community Activity Center on 113 N. Pacific Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15224.

Learn more about the MiniCon AND check out the exhibitors list (featuring the illustrious hosts (and some former guests) of this podcast!).

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