The Next Issue 75: We Have Become Destroyers of Worlds


In this issue, Aitch, Greg Elden and Mike come on well rested despite “losing an hour” of sleep.

In the news, discuss briefly Marvel’s SXSW announcement and how it affects digital distribution of comics.

Also, we look at Marvel’s announcement about $3.99 comics and digital codes.

We show some trepidation of DC plans to bring Pandora and Shazam aboard. And someone is leaving Batwoman, who can it be?

In Comic Reviews, we look at Giant Sized X Men Annual from 1988 found at an unusual store.

the current runs of Avengers (22 and 23) and New Avengers (21 and 22)

TMNT Infestation

I, Vampire

Manhattan Projects and a few others.

In our roundtable, we talk about women in comics and what it takes to carry a book.

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