Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 225 The Great Eyebrow Debate!

If your comics podcast is putting you to sleep…time to try some Chronic Insomnia.

In this incredible episode:

  • AvX accrues more orders than Justice League # 1 and Civil War # 1, plus other portents clearly pointing to our doom!
  • Jonathan Hickman ending fantastic voyage in fall – can we get some good news here, please?
  • Dead Pooh # 1 hits in March! That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.
  • Chronic Reviews: Manhattan Projects # 1, Supurbia # 1, Swamp Thing # 7!

Want to SEE more Chronic Insomnia?  Especially us getting slaughtered!  Check out Slaughter Lake from Josh Rodgers. Order it and Ryan and I will orally satisfy you on the show.  It’s a great comic and laugh out loud funny.  Mike is on the crapper and Ryan dies wonderfully at the end.  Josh also has a website so check that out too.

Don’t forget our good friends from Canada on Where Monsters Dwell. We also have more Chronic Insomnia at our blog…please check it out.  As always we love the all of you.

“The path to enlightenment doesn’t lead to Chronic Insomnia.  Those guys will only screw you out of all your good Karma.” Mark

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