Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 223 We Love Skyrimjobs!

If your comics podcast is putting you to sleep…time to try some Chronic Insomnia.

In this incredible episode:

A few words about Skyrim – mostly curse words and bile.

Legal shenanigans – everything you wanted to know about Tony Moore Vs. Robert Kirkman but were afraid to ask!

Digital Revolution – Icv2 reports on the growth of digital, and Brian Hibbs pulls some surprising digital data from the ComicsPRO meeting!

Chronic Review: Ted McKeever’s Mondo # 1!

Check out our good friends at Where Monsters Dwell. If you want more Chronic Insomnia make sure to read our blog. As always we love the all of you.

“You two should be arrested for destroying my appetite each week.” – Joey (Bass Player Master)

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