Comic News Insider Episode 381 – Prodigal Son Returns

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Reviews: Danger Girl: Revolver #1, Dead Mans Run #1, Prophet Vol 3 #21, Steed And Mrs Peel #1

Jimmy returns to his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida to visit his mom and see friends and invades his old buddy Ted’s house again. Ted has a live orchestra in his house, thus the random musical interludes throughout. For the loyal listeners, you’ll remember that Ted co-hosted last year as well when Jimmy visited. The boys discuss Green Lantern undies in Wal-Mart and Oscar nominations. Jimmy chats about his new found love (thanks to Lorraine Cink and Jon Hoche) forUncanny X-Force and briefly mentions the season premiere of Archer. Plus, he plays a bit of a song his co-worker sings who is ridiculously talented. News includes: DC and Warner Bros. start the We Can Be Heroes inititative, EPIX may pick up the Stan Lee documentary, Hellboy inspires a camp in Portland, Popeye comics debut from IDW and Lego/DC team up for the new Lego Hero Factory app. As always, listener feedback, the Top 3 and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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