A Podcast with Ross and Nick #120

A Podcast with Ross and Nick

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Kelly Thompson wants to know — what do creators owe fans?

Does Ross Campbell owe you anything? Probably not. (photo shamelessly lifted from Tom Spurgeon’s 2011 TCAF coverage)

Special guest Kelly (writer of She Has No Head, podcaster of 3 Chicks Review Comics, and blogger-er of 1979 Semi-Finalist) makes her triumphant return to lay down an ethical smackdown, discussing fan entitlement and creator responsibility.

Tell us what you think that creators owe their fans! Leave us a message by calling our automated comment line at 412-567-7606, and then we’ll play what you say on our next show.

PLUS: Boogers, podcasting talk, Paris Hilton, Ross likes Hunger Games, Neal, superheroes in thongs, Galaxy Quest ringtones, and Tim Allen.

AND AT THE END: A talent throwdown!!! Kelly and Ross believe in talent… but Nick says he sorta doesn’t. IS HE (and by he, I mean me) FULL OF SHIT???

P.S. If you dug our main topic on this show, check out Sequential Underground #30 – What Do Creators Deserve? for the flipside of today’s conversation.

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