Super Haters Destruct-O-Cast #1

Super Haters Destruct-O-Cast
Listen to Super Haters Destruct-O-Cast #1 right now:

Welcome to the debut of the Destruct-O-Cast, a new weekly podcast devoted exclusively to the Super Haters*! Nick (that’s me!) dives into feedback from Facebook and Twitter, answering questions and dropping shoutouts.

Dan Greenwald asks about Nick’s character creation process for the Haters, while Byron Winton wants to know what’s up with Destruct-O-Tron’s new political stance in the current Republican Motherhood story arc.

To leave us feedback of your own, tweet @super_haters, write on the Super Haters Facebook wall, or call our automated comment line at 412-567-7606 and we’ll play your message on the show.

After the end theme, Nick sends out special thanks to the godfathers of the Super Haters, Neal Shyam and Seth Fronzoli. And here’s a link to more about the band that partially inspired Destruct-O-Tron’s name, Disasternauts (on the show, I call them Destructonauts… whoops!!!). And here’s their song, My Dad’s the Heat.

NEXT: Super Haters co-writer Justique joins in to discuss the creative process and answer more of your questions.

*In case you don’t already know, Super Haters is a Mon-Fri superhero satire webcomic starring Destruct-O-Tron and Mind’s Eye.

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