Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 218 Whiz Way Did We Go?

Two giant jackasses.  One absurd comic book podcast

In this incredible episode:

  • Hitch countdown reveals America’s Got Powers!
  • Join us as we travel Ryan’s Chocolate Whiz Way!
  • John Byrne’s planetary retirement plans, and other evidence our little niche is entirely populated with entertaining nut jobs!
  • Marvel takes top spot from DC, but not so sure about that “paying human rates for mutant action figures” business!
  • Super Chronic Review:  Fatale # 1!
  • Chronic Preview:  Whispers # 1!

“Guys, I’m *%$#@ loving the show.  Keep pumping that good stuff all over each other and into the mircophones.”

–         Pete from Sydney, actual victim of Chronic Insomnia

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