Welcome to Completely Comics Episode 38: Completely On The Bubble

This week we talk about how comics have invaded the podcasts Troy listens to and we review the comics from DC’s new 52 that are most likely to be cancelled.

Updates from the Guys

1. Troy

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DC Comics has started the new year with revealing the name from the hooded figure from all 52 of the New 52 debut issues in September.  “Her name is Pandora” said DC Tuesday morning.

As of March 2012, all Marvel’s titles will see same day Digital release as print, as reported by Gizmodo.  The only Marvel titles that will not get this treatment will be the MAX line and licensed products such as the Stephen King books.
Archie Comics became the first publisher to go same-day digital release for their entire publishing line in January of 2010, along with offering digital comics for $1 less than their print counterparts. So far, every Marvel and DC same-day digital release has had the same price for both products, though DC comics drop from $2.99 to $1.99 after a month.

Four months in, the DC Comics relaunch seems to be a success. The most recent sales figures show Justice League #1 selling more than 360,000 copies since August, and Batman #1 and Action Comics #1 selling more than 250,000. By contrast, Marvel’s strongest seller was Ultimate Spider-Man #160, which was in the 160,000-copy neighborhood.

Wiki of the Week:

Muy Bueno:
Written by GRANT MORRISON; Backup story written by SHOLLY FISCH; Art by ANDY KUBERT and JESSE DELPERDANG; Backup story art by CHRISCROSS; Cover by ANDY KUBERT and JOE PRADO; Variant cover by RAGS MORALES; 1:200 B&W Variant cover by ANDY KUBERT
As the assault from an alien threat takes a turn for the worse for Metropolis, keys facts about Superman’s past are brought to light for the first time! And how can certain elements from The Man of Steel’s future help to prevent the theft of the millennium? Don’t miss this awesome issue from series writer Grant Morrison and the guest art team of Andy Kubert and Jesse Delperdang!

Honorable Mentions:
Animal Man #5 and Swamp Thing #5

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