The Mean Geek- Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #87-“Water Based Kid Killing Ghost Thing”


In episode 87 we determine that Batman pooping himself is unacceptable. Detail a plan for subsidizing blurays; look forward to BATMAN:YEAR ONE;  Techjedi tones down his enthusiasm. Having established that, we look at THE MIGHTY THOR, with the incredible shrinking pastor; hop over to the OTHER fraction godlike entity that is IRON MAN, lament the reaching that happens at the end of long runs; leading us to AVENGERS, where we determine interview style storytelling is getting stale; we note victoria hand’s future; we re-cover the losses of losing bucky. We’re confused by mockingbirds’ status with hawkeye; shocked by hammers going THROUGH PEOPLE; lament again the speed at which you can fall behind in comics. Then it’s a very long discussion of all things fear itself; switching gears completely, rev hates JLI and TechJedi wants to give it a go. Godiva? Really? Unfortunately it’s just not funny. It also hurts my brain to try to figure out DCNU continuity. Then we launch into the comics written by the FUCKING MAXIM STAFF. Wonder Woman! BATMAN! SNYDER! and SO. MUCH. MORE.


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