Cape Town Community Podcast – Ep. 037 – “Cable Reborn Prematurely”

It’s the holiday season and Don and Jerry have Christmas on their minds big time—be warned, the first 30 minutes of this episode revolves around Christmas shopping, memories, advice and anything else that comes to mind. After that we dive right into what you may have also come here to listen to: comic book reviews! We’ve got a good assortment of new titles and such to get your comic juices flowing. So sit back, grab some egg nog and join us for some holiday and comic jibber-jabber.

Special Note: We review the books from December 7th and 14th, although Don mistakenly says November during the opening.

Cape Town Christmas Discussion 00:02:38 Winter weather in Southern California versus Massachusetts. 00:04:48 We admit how far behind with their holiday duties. 00:07:34 It’s time to discuss holiday plans (and Jerry’s wedding plans). 00:09:29 After reviewing our Christmas wants, we realize we’re getting older. 00:11:14 Don and Jerry give lessons in opening gifts. 00:17:23 Don wins the battle of the office holiday party faux pas. 00:22:50 We’re almost done folks. We share our favorite Christmas memories.

Cape Town Comic Discussion

00:28:35 Avengers: X-Sanction #1: While not a misfire, Jeph Loeb misses an opportunity to get non-Cable fans interested in this character.

00:36:41 The Defenders #1: We’re both onboard with Marvel B-list team.

00:41:37 The Avenging Spider-Man #2: Zeb Wells and Mads are delivering a fun and funny Spidey book.

00:44:57 Moon Knight #7: And the greatness continues.

00:49:25 Last of the Greats #3: We’re loving Joshua Fialkov’s new and inventive creation—thanks for bringing Oprah back to comics!

00:52:11 Swamp Thing #4: His milkshake brings all the boys to the yard–to die!!!

00:57:13 Stormwatch #4: Paul Cornell should be on this book forever! Damn.

01:05:14 American Vampire #21: More Snyder goodness from his epic vampire tale.

01:11:16 Superboy #4: Superboy versus a Christmas tree!

01:16:00 Locke & Key: Clockworks #3: A time traveling key helps the Locke kids understand more about their creepy house.

01:19:13 The Ray #1: Don and Jerry are split over Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti’s new mini-series.

01:23:19 Uncanny X-Force #1: Don has nothing negative to say about Marvel’s best X-Men book.

Cape Town News Discussion

01:29:36 What’s happening to our favorite… uh… most of our favorite books?!? The creative teams are leaving!

01:34:01 We take a look at some of the recently released concept art from Superman Lives and Spider-Man.

01:41:54 Jerry gives his thoughts on Expendables 2.

01:48:14 Now that Patty Jenkins is off Thor 2, we discuss the search for a new director.

Song “Christmas Can Can” Straight No Chaser

Runtime: 01:58:19

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