The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #86-“Bang a Robot, Have Half-Imaginary Robot Kids.”


Starting with 15 minutes of massive spider island talk-plenty much all of it. We need a Spider-Manny, btw. I need a rev to clone to punch. Off to Captain America and Bucky, then rev asks for my safeword. We cover the black widow/journalist ethics debate. Secret avengers by ellis. criticize the fear itself mechs, since they are from robotech.I like squirrel girl and he doesn’t. the interview avengers style plays out, finally. DD may be a fun avenger, now that he’s getting left alone. New Avengers annual we look at, with simon williams, wonder doof; we ask if criminals are caused by heroes. That takes a long time. Who’s Devil-Slayer? Then we re-iterate our never ending love of JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY. We debate the practicality of Flash Thompson having no legs. Mephisto in the bar is brillaint. AND. MUCH. MORE!


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