Sidekickcast Episode #60.1 – Sidekick Point 1

Sidekickcast Episode #60.1 - Point 1

A new era begins for the Sidekickcast, from the ashes of the Sidekick Civil War rises a new website and a revitalized podcast. Don’t worry it’s same old dick and fart jokes with your regular co-hosts Gavin Jones and Dan Marshall, they even manage to throw in some comic chat in between trying to make each other laugh. The show starts with some news updates on Sin City 2, Sidekick favourite topic; Age of Apocalypse and the new Avengers line up.

With a new start comes new reviews in Stack Attack as Dan has become totally overcome by DCNu fever, Marvel zombie no more, he’s now a total New 52 convert.

Secrets and Lies, the comic book news quiz with a twist is still rocking but will Dan be able to take advantage of Gavin’s recent bad form as the replacement Sidekicks have shown him how it’s really done?

To end out the show we ask for your help in deciding our new final segment, you have the power in #youdecide. Don’t forget to listen past the outro music for the usual brand of bad manners, extremely inappropriate language and out takes that would make Jeremy Beadle turn in his tiny little grave.


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