Cape Town Community Podcast – Ep. 034 – “How to Mess Up a Podcast & Other Tales from a Comic Con”

With sweeps month upon us, we pull out every stop in our big, ‘ol bag of tricks. If you haven’t listened to our show yet—then this is a perfect jumping on point since we discuss a handful of #1 issues this month. Okay, in truth every episode is an excellent jumping on point. This month Don and Jerry review Action Comics 2 and 3, The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #1 and 2, The Incredible Hulk #1 and many more. We also discuss Marvel’s new move towards publishing their titles digitally day-and-date, announcement coming out of Comic Con, and Space Ghost! Are you thinking what we’re thinking? This show seems to have everything!

The show is embedded below and is also available on iTunes for subscription (what are you waiting for?). Each episode is categorized so you can link to previous episodes here on the site by accessing the Podcast tab. Refer to the Show Notes to avoid spoilers.

00:04:51 Don and Jerry recount all the fun, adventure and glamor of attending the Long Beach Horror and Comic Con.

Cape Town Comic Discussion
00:21:10 Action Comics #1 and #2: Don and Jerry are loving Grant Morrison’s run on Action Comics and his take on Clark Kent.
00:29:09 American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #5: Nazi vampires on skis—and it works. This book can do no wrong.
00:33:24 Aquaman #2: We continue to find this one of our favorite New 52 titles.
00:36:13 Fear Itself #7: Everybody seems to have beaten up on Fear Itself over the last few weeks. Now it’s our turn.
00:43:04 Green Lantern #4: Is there any greater villain in the DCU than Sinestro?
00:46:17 The Incredible Hulk #1: Don is enjoying Jason Aaron new Hulk series more than Jerry.
00:50:44 Invincible #84: The status quo is changed up significantly in this challenging story.
00:57:14 The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #1 and #2: We agree that Tradd Moore’s art is fantastic, but we were not bowled over by Justin Jordan’s dialogue.
01:03:28 Justice League #2: Heroes fighting each other is fine by us—with fun characterization and action.
01:09:28 Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #2 and 3: Jonathan Hickman is writing an perfect comic book.
01:14:04 Wolverine & the X-Men #1: Aaron is writing a fresh and accessible X-book.
01:19:28 Uncanny X-Men #1: This doesn’t feel as fresh as Aaron’s new title.
01:25:22 We discuss some of our other reads from the past month, including Last of the Greats #2, Severed #3, Superman #2 and Supergirl #2.

Cape Town News Discussion
01:30:14 We discuss Marvel’s move towards digital comics publishing and what it could mean for the industry.
01:35:06 DC’s great business can only mean good things for the industry.
01:36:26 The Walking Dead’s phenomenal ratings have caused AMC to approve a third season.
01:43:15 We review recent announcements from New York Comic Con.
01:48:23 With Marvel’s pulling of Nick Spencer’s Doctor Doom book, Don wonders whether Nick Spencer is a great fit at Marvel.
01:51:53 Don and Jerry aren’t excited yet about The Scarlet Spider.
01:53:09 We discuss Superman: Earth One #2 and Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s upcoming take on Captain Marvel.
01:57:51: We get back into a bit of Fear Itself bashing and what future events ought to look like.

Closing Discussion
02:03:37: We spend about twenty closing the show!

Song “Stony and Cory”
Kid Creole and the Coconuts

Runtime: 02:24:46

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The Cape Town Community Podcast is a weekly comic book show in which the hosts, Don and Jerry, review and discuss a handful of the comic books released this week as well as chat about comic book related news—such as upcoming movies, television, creative changes on ongoings, new titles, etc. We promise to conduct a fair and constructive discussion on comic books that entertains you on your way to work, at the gym, between classes, or wherever you choose to listen to your comic book podcasts. Welcome to the Cape Town Community!

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