The Mean Geek- Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility- Episode 82- “ICONIC IN IT’S DEPTHS OF SUCKTITUDE”


We’re late, it’s true, but we wanted some of the heat to cool down from the disaster that was the heated arguments and diatribes sparked by summers’ announcements, such as Miles Morales, the dirth of female creators in the new 52, and we note the rise of non-humorous incivility due to the internet. We were disaapointed. Move the fuck on and grow up and be human to each other.

We then move on ourselves and I do a small review of the anime Claymore. Moving on we catch up with the line ups of the DCnU. We make some initial decisions on what we might wanna buy, which gets shaken out in a couple episodes. I hate Grant Morrison again. We WERE RIGHT ABOUT SCOTT LOBDELL! Then i make the announcement that i will no longer get crossovers just to get a full story.

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