All-New Secret Identity #20–Simpsons, Pop-Up Video and DCUO

Manapul and Shooter on Legion of Super Heroes Demise
Minck Oosterveer passes–BOOM pays tribute
Retailers react to new 52
DiDio says the DCnU is Crisis-free

Fox Considering an all-Simpsons channel
Michelle Rodriguez back for more Resident Evil
Captain America 2 not coming for a while
Arrested Development series and movie on the way
Star Wars Blu Rays sell $84 million in one week
Pop Up video is back
AMC FearFest starts October 16th with Walking Dead premiere

Hasbro has big plans for NYCC
Toys R Us reveals holiday toy list (

From Software punished those who break Dark Souls street date
Star Wars: The Old Republic arriving just in time for Christmas
3DS Analog stick coming to Japan
DC Universe Online going Free-to-Play

Discussion Question: What creator or creative team gives you the most for your comic book money?

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